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Our Firm

For over 74 years, GAY & GAY P.C. has been dedicated to meeting the legal needs of individuals and businesses throughout Bristol and Plymouth counties.

The attorneys at our firm are committed and experienced lawyers who take their responsibilities seriously, knowing that the results we achieve for you can impact your life and your business. We work tirelessly from the early stages of your case onward, emphasizing communication, persistent and efficient advocacy and focused attention to every detail of your legal matter no matter the complexity.

GAY & GAY P.C. provides sound counsel and cost-effective representation. We are ready to help you achieve your legal goals as individuals and businesses. We are responsive to your needs and develop strong working relationships with our clients based on trust, confidence to help achieve your goals. The many benefits of taking your legal issues to a general practice law firm include the following:

One search brings a lifetime of support. With a vast number of law firms supporting clients in Bristol County and the surrounding areas, conducting a search is a stressful and time-consuming process.  But when that search leads you to GAY & GAY P.C., it may be the last search you ever need to conduct. We guide clients through the legal issues most likely to arise throughout life.

You build a valuable relationship. As you work with our  attorneys, we get to know you on a personal level. The more we learn about your background, interests, and goals, the better we can help guide you to the legal solutions that best fit your individual situation.

You get cross-practice support. Not every legal issue falls neatly within one area of practice. A personal injury settlement can lead to the need for financial planning. A divorce can dramatically change your estate planning needs. The attorneys at our law firm advise clients throughout the state on the potential ramifications of their current issues and continue to provide needed support until all issues are effectively resolved.

Call our office today for a legal consultation.  

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